It all started when…

I wrote a story about an open grave. It glowed with bright, green light, drawing me closer (as graves do to 8-year-old boys). A pair of bony hands gripped both edges of the rectangular hole. Dirt skittered into the darkness. A skull appeared. Then the rest of the skeleton's body emerged with a laugh. He lifted the sabre he held in his right hand and chased me through the cemetery. The story, which I scrawled on notebook paper in third grade, earned praise and stickers from my teacher. And thanks to my mom, I still have it. (One of these days I'll share a scan with you here.) 

So that's how it started. I now live in Los Angeles with my wife and kids and write middle grade novels, usually fantasy (though I have a realistic one brewing). My completed books are called DEMON LOST and THE CLOCKTOPUSES'S GARDEN. If you like to talk about craft, which is the focus of this blog, or about writing in general, I love to interact--feel free to comment here or DM me on Twitter (@paul_janus).