#PimpMyBio #PitchWars

Hi there! My name is Paul Janus, and I write fiction for young readers. Welcome to my website! 

My current project is DEMON LOST, a middle grade fantasy. The story begins when 12yo Nyssa learns of her demon blood and leaves home in search of clues to her past. She finds them in Freydon Village, where a cadre of wizards try to sacrifice her and her new friends to a horrific needle monster known as The Meermek. As Nyssa explores the limits of her power, her choices have a profound impact on her loved ones, the citizens of Freydon, and her own identity.

So about me. By day I'm an academic librarian and my favorite thing about my job is helping students. It might sound a little corny, but I really do try to play a positive role in their lives, whether I'm pointing them to the bathroom (:-D) or helping them with research.

I'm happily married with two little boys. Recently the rascals picked up some of the SoCal surfer lingo thanks to the Ninja Turtles. (I challenge you not to melt when a 3-year-old calls you "bruh.") My wife is a true partner in all things creative. Without her, my novels simply would not exist.

Finally, I am a science fiction and fantasy maniac. I love Diana Wynne Jones, Ursula K. Le Guin, Lloyd Alexander, Patrick Ness, and Suzanne Collins. FEED by M.T. Anderson might be my favorite book ever, although DUNE is close to sharing that spot. Susan Cooper, Kelly Barnhill, Brandon Sanderson, and of course GRRM are more faves. THE BELGARIAD by David Eddings helped me navigate my teen years.

That does it for now. If you're still here and not completely horrified, please follow me on Twitter (@paul_janus). I love commiserating with writers, and believe strongly in supporting the dream!

Good luck to my fellow #PitchWars writers. May your coffee be strong, your children early to bed, and your writing always improving! Thank you for reading!